Monday, July 23, 2012

Why doesn’t life come with a pause button?

I think the first thing I said to Clark this morning was “I wish I could hit rewind and sleep all over again,” to which he responded “Why would you want that?” Getting more sleep is definitely only one of the reasons I wish we had a remote for life where we could fast forward, pause, or rewind certain things. I came across this image recently which instantly brought me to tears and so sweetly expresses another of my reasons for wanting a pause button for life.


I am amazed every day at how far my sweet little girl has come. Every time I look at her or get new clothes or pick her up I just can’t believe how big she has gotten and how much she has changed. It really is a wonder to see how she has changed from:

lillian_home_76        To       IMG_5019 copy

Though “2” has its challenges (as I’m sure every other age does as well) I am absolutely in love with this stage in her life. Lil is such a little joy to have around. Our conversations usually amaze me and leave me laughing when I hear what funny things she has to say. 

One of our favorite things to do is to sing together. Her favorite movies at the moment are “Tarzan” and “Beauty and the Beast” and the air around Lily is usually filled with tunes from these movies. In an effort to keep the t.v. time to a minimum I turn on Pandora with Disney favorites and we have a great time singing and dancing around our living room. The song that gets me every time is “You’ll be in My Heart” from “Tarzan.” As silly as it sounds, I heard that song on the radio within the first week of having Lily home from the hospital and I must have been bawling for an hour. So it is really sweet to me that Lily happens to LOVE that song and sings it all the time. It just melts my heart at the beginning of the song when it says “Come stop your crying, it will be alright. Just take my hand, hold it tight” Lily will run over and grab my hand. She’ll make her way over to me at the end of the song when it says “Just look over your shoulder. I’ll be there, always” and come put her hand on my shoulder and I seriously have to keep myself from getting choked up.

I also love that as I was singing in church yesterday Lil was apparently singing the song with me from her seat :). It’s these precious moments that I wish I could just hold on to forever. Even as I was in the process of writing this and shooing Lily from my lap she tells me “I just want to sit with mommy” and I was reminded how little time I really have with her at this tender age. Before I know it she’ll grow out of this and I’ll be longing for these days again. Frustrations and all.


We have really been focusing on spending more family time together lately, especially while Clark is out of school for the summer. Doing things like going to the park more and going to watch movies downtown out on the square (Karate Kid was a big hit for Lil last week!). This past weekend we made another quick beach run as the weather was great at the coast.

IMG_5117 copyIMG_5155 copyIMG_5180 copy


In this last picture I was hoping to capture a sweet moment with Lil on my lap but as soon as I saw this I had to laugh. Unfortunately the reflection on my sunglasses gives away the fact that I am the one taking the picture as Clark is passed out on the blanket in front of us. Not quite as sentimental as I hoped, but amusing for sure :).

IMG_5145 copy

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