Friday, February 15, 2013

Play Time

Driving home the other night I spotted a little gem on the side of the road. Someone had set out an old doll house with their trash and I saw a golden opportunity for some fun with Lily. She’s never been very into dolls but I thought I’d give it a try. She was just delighted with her new “dollie” house. She’s been dragging it from room to room so she can play with it all day long. We don’t have any dolls that actually fit inside nor does the house have any accessories, but none of that matters to Lil. I love play time with my little girl!

IMG_7594 copy

Along with dolls, Lil has been exploring the wonder of jewelry. She’s always complimenting my jewelry so I thought I’d give her a little set. She quickly learned the valuable lesson that if you stretch your bracelet too far it will eventually break…

IMG_7508 copy

IMG_7509 copy


Miles has been growing by leaps and bounds and is doing a wonderful job at keeping up his chubby figure.

IMG_7563 copy



In other play related news, I made the mistake of letting Lil take a few pictures with my camera and she is now obsessed. Almost any time I try to take a picture she is begging to have her turn. I’m sure this will cause a big problem the next time I want to take some pictures of her but I’ll deal with that later. Here is some of her handiwork…

IMG_7612 copy

IMG_7460 copy

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