Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lil’s first run

This year I have been trying to get into running and have been enjoying it much more than anticipated (surprisingly!). It is still one of those things where I don’t ever want to go run, but once I do I feel great and enjoy the alone time. I have done a few short runs with friends and Lily is always jealous, so my friend and I decided we should do a run with our girls so they could be a part of the action and be proud of their accomplishment. Lily was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for her color run and was too thrilled when it finally came. The morning of the race we had to get up extra early to pick up our gear before we started running and when I woke Lily up she told me “No, mommy. It’s still dark, we’ll go when the sun is up.” Oh, how many times have I had that same thought! We spent a chilly December morning getting ready for the race and meeting up with our friends and had a blast. Lily and her friend Parker were troopers but a few times during the run Lily flat out refused to move because she was tired. We started almost near the end of the runners so for a little bit we were dead last (not that we really cared). It was a 5k but we ended up cutting a few corners since the girls were having a harder time with it. The nice thing, though, about being almost last was that at each “color” station the people had a ton of left over color and we got to throw as much as we wanted on each other. Lil just loved getting to throw colored powder on me and it definitely gave her a little boost each time we stopped to play. Near the end she stopped and said “Mommy, you carry me, and when we get to the end with the flags just put me down and then I’ll run and beat you, ok?” This kid knows how to work the system Smile. After we finished the girls got medals that I made and they felt on top of the world (while simultaneously being very pouty since they were pretty wiped out). I don’t know when Lil will want to do another one but I hope she realized how much fun it can be to be active and do silly things together.


(oh, by the way, we put paint on each other’s faces before the race, if you’re wondering about my fabulous make up)

IMG_1066 copy

IMG_1070 copy

IMG_1101 copy

IMG_1106 copyIMG_1110 copy

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