Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Red heart California 
I don’t think I could say it enough, and I think almost anyone who knows me knows that. Having always lived in norcal I am so spoiled with great weather and I have no problem admitting that. Our current city, Redwood City, even has the motto “climate best by government test.” The one bummer of living in the northern part of the state is that the beach usually isn’t warm and sunny. The water is freezing most of the time and there is heavy cloud cover for a good part of the summer. But sometimes you get lucky. We were able to spend a marvelous January day at the beach enjoying sun and 68 degree weather. Even the slight breeze was warm :). Of course, over the weekend the weather became cold again. I guess I can endure the 50 degree cold if I have to- It is winter after all!  ;)

                                 IMG_2510 copy
          IMG_2528 copy
          IMG_2481 copy

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