Thursday, January 5, 2012


As we approach Lil’s 2nd birthday I’ve been trying to capture not only the words she’s using but, more importantly, how it sounds when she says them. At this point she’s a little parrot.  Most everything we say gets repeated back to us in some form, which is often quite amusing. Here’s a little list of the latest, most used, and cutest sounding words she’s using right now.

There you are= dah du ahh

When asking for help= I hep you?

Banana= ganana

Monsters= monkahs

Juice= duce

Strawberry= dah-do-we

Atlas and Parker (her little friends)= Ashy and Pocket

Binky/Plug= beeky or pwug

Please= peas

Goldfish= guhfish

Hello= hewwo

Piano= peeno

1-10= ohn, too, free, fohr, fi, sick, seben, eigh, ni, ten!


Peanut Butter= buda buda

Eye brow= eye eye

I love you= I wuv you

Grandma/Grandpa= gwah-gwah

Hug= huggie or “Oh hug”

Porcupine= capu-kine

Football= foofall

Lap= yap


When asking to watch her Elmo movie= DDD?

The letter W = dudda-boo, dah-boo-boo, or doo-doo-doo


I’m sure I’ll add to the list if I hear/remember anything else in the near future :)

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