Saturday, December 31, 2011

While the Family’s away…

This week I got a very selfish wish fulfilled in the form of almost 5 full days home alone to do whatever I wanted. Of course I missed my husband and daughter and I CAN”T WAIT until they get home tonight in approximately 10 hours (yes, I’ll be counting down and calling for updates on their whereabouts all day). But, lets be real, what mother wouldn’t appreciate some time alone every once in a while? I will definitely say that 5 days was a little too long, but I think 4 would have been perfect.

I had to come home early from our Christmas in Idaho to be at our apartments incase anyone needed anything, so I flew into Sacramento on Monday night and stayed with my dad. Tuesday morning I had the wonderfully fun task of saying goodbye to my sister. It’s always awesome to say goodbye to your oldest, closest, most amazing best friend right before they pack up the car to move halfway across the country. Sigh… All I can say is thank goodness for Skype! What made it even better was the fact that the breakfast we had that morning made me incredibly sick and I spent all day trying not to feel worse than I already did. Needless to say I probably won’t ever eat sweet cream pancakes from Black Bear Diner in Vacaville ever again! So day 1 of my week of freedom was a bust.

Along with working on my family and “Lily” blogs Wednesday and Thursday I decided to use my time sans little hands grabbing everything to work on some craft projects I had been wanting to try. The first of which was painting something. I had found some different flower inspirations on PInterest and went to town. My only mistake was trying to this while watching Harry Potter 7 part 2. Let’s just say I was a little distracted… The one on the left is definitely my favorite of the two, but not so bad, eh? Brings a little color to my kitchen :)


The other thing I worked on was for Lily’s room.



I used dollar store frames, scrapbook paper and embellishments I already had, and left over thread from the blanket I made for LIl. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough frames for me to spell out Lillian, but this works just fine. Definitely would not have been able to do this with her around!

Friday I spent most of the day cleaning our apartment. Like, really cleaning. Let me say I am grateful I don’t have to shampoo carpets for a living…not too exciting. But is was so nice to be able to clean without worrying about Lily getting in to the cleaning supplies or undoing all of the work I just did. Luckily I waited on the kitchen until today since the brand new jar of salsa I opened last night exploded all over the counter.

As lovely as my free time has been, I was still bored for large chunks of each day. Not because I had nothing to do, but because my life no longer consists of full time quiet and focus. I had no one to share giggles with. No one to hug. No one to help out or clean or cleanup after. No one wanting all of my attention to be on them and who would climb on top of me to get it if necessary.


Can’t wait to get my arms around ‘em again!

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