Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cousin Fun

I kind of can’t believe that Lily already has 13, soon to be 14, cousins. It is such a shame that they are all spread out and usually only communicate via Skype, if at all. Luckily, this Christmas Lil was able to play with almost all of them.

                                 IMG_1987 copy

We spent a few days before Christmas at my dad’s house and Lil got to play with all but 3 of her cousins on my side of the family. Out of 9, she is the only girl, but let me tell you she can keep up with the boys! Luckily my parents go with the flow and don’t seem to mind that their house will get destroyed when they’re all hanging out.

Here’s Lil with her favorite cousin, baby Colin. I never understand why Colin always looks slightly terrified when she’s around… ;)






Aaron, Mason, Colin, Ean, and Lily (I’m pretty sure I got the twins named correctly)IMG_2024 copy


We left My dad’s and headed up to Idaho for Christmas weekend. There were 3 cousins there waiting for Lil when she arrived.  On Christmas eve we had the little ones put on a nativity pageant, which was quite amusing.

We had our star, Rustin


Our angel (my personal favorite Smile)


Our Joseph, Brigham


Our Mary, Amber


and our wise man, who was doing double duty







I know Lil as just been in heaven this week with so many little friends to play with, and more who arrived after I had already gone home with my camera. All weekend Lil was running around playing with everyone, including the new Christmas puppy. At least 3 or 4 times a day she would start jumping up and down and say YAAAAAAAAY. I just love watching her interact with other little ones and having so much fun. And I’m so glad for video chats that allow her to have some familiarity with those cousins and family members that she doesn’t see very often.

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  1. Those are very cool! I am amazed at the deepness of color your camera captures. I am officially jealous!