Thursday, December 15, 2011

If only I could amuse myself this easily…

Every once in a while I notice how productive I have been and how wonderfully quiet it is. It is about two seconds later that I realize it’s because Lillian must be getting into some type of mischief and I quickly scan the apartment for her. Rarely I find her doing something like stabbing the ottoman with my crafting scissors, putting her pretzels in the toilet brush holder, or emptying her diaper pail (luckily that stage is over!).  More often, though, I find her doing something I never would have thought of and something that is usually quite silly. She’s already showing signs of becoming a little fashionista by putting on multiple shirts and dresses and parading around the apartment. If I’m absent minded enough to leave the dishwasher unlocked she’ll make her way in there and rearrange the dishes. She loves putting on both of the pot holders, which cover her  entire arms, and a pair of our shoes and seeing how far she can go in them. Ever since we got a keyboard I’ll find her pounding on it with the “DJ” function on and making all kinds of random sounds. On some of these occasions I have been lucky enough to have my camera handy to snap a picture before she realizes she’s being watched. Here are some of the few shots I managed to get that I find pretty amusing…
I am grateful for her inquisitive spirit and love that she can be amused with almost anything. I hope that I can catch  more moments of silliness and share in even more with her. I love my silly, sweet, sometimes crazy little girl.

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