Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun in the Sun

So I spent an hour yesterday pouring my soul out in the first version of my post for today, relishing in the relative anonymity of posting online. Not that no one knows that it’s me writing, but in the fact that I can just press “Post” and feel like I’m releasing my feelings out to anyone or no one since I really have no idea who all is reading my blog. After sleeping on it, however, I realized that I have no idea who exactly is reading this and that there are things I don’t need everyone knowing. So I decided to keep the deep stuff to myself for now and keep control over who I share it with.  Instead I’ll  keep up with the usual of chronicling our adventures with Lillian.
We had quite a fun time at the park enjoying the water fountains last week. Lily is still a little wary of them though. She’ll touch the water but isn’t willing to run through it or get too wet yet. Maybe if we go back with her little friends she’ll give into the peer pressure and go for it :). I also gave in and got her a popsicle from the ice cream truck. At least at this point she hasn’t connected the truck and crazy music with ice cream or popsicles yet so she isn’t begging for it when they drive by…yet. The funniest thing that came out of the day was Lily’s word for her swim suit. No matter how many times we work on the word she still says “swim poop.” She’ll figure it out some day ;)

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We had a great mothers day. After initially refusing, Lily showered me with “Happy Mother’s Day”’s and “Happy Birthday”’s all day and I had homemade cinnamon rolls from Clark. He also got me/us tickets to see Les Miserables in San Francisco in August- I can’t wait! After church (and a nap) we went to a barbeque with a bunch of other friends and had a blast. The highlights for Lil were playing on the stairs with the boys and piling in the hammock. True to form, she led the pack of little ones in digging in the dirt and causing mischief. I’m grateful to have such an awesome group of friends to get together with when we can’t get out to see family. Even a week later Lil is still asking if we’re going to a barbeque :).

Another great Mothers Day present was talking with Lil's nursery leader and having her tell me what a joy Lil is in nursery. I'm sure she was exaggerating but according to this sister Lily is overall one of the best behaved. She knows where to go and participates in all activities (coloring, snack, etc...) how she is supposed to and doesn't need anyone to corral her around. She plays well and shares with all of the other kids. During lesson time she listens and sits quietly and volunteers to say the prayer almost every week. She knows all of the songs and hand motions and likes to clap when each song is finished. The nursery teacher was asking my secret to teaching my child to be so good and I replied "Luck!" I'm sure other kids are just as well behaved as Lil but it made me so happy to have unsolicited praise for my daughter's behavior while I am away and to know that she is sharing her sweetness with those around her. I'm sure her love of nursery has a big impact on why she is so great in there :).  She was also able to go up with all of the other primary kids on Sunday and sing a Mother's day song. Of course she didn't actually sing but I loved seeing her little hands holding on to the rail and her little head peeking over the side of the podium with a big smile on her face.
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As we near the end of Clark’s school year we are enjoying some much needed time off with daddy. Today we cleaned our cars and Lily got to help. We stuck her in her little swim suit and popped her in the back of the truck. She couldn’t have been happier than to hang out with her dad and splash in some water. Love that little girl!!
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