Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunshine, lions, and creating a new little monster.


I love that after we had a nice long rainy period we were blessed with sunshine and warm weather. We took advantage of the sun by spending lots of time at the park and by having a picnic at the beach. Lily just loves the freedom of the beach and I love feeling like I’m on a mini vacation. Clark is kind enough to humor me by pretending that he likes going to the coast (but I think he secretly likes it!).  Here are some pics of LIl enjoying the sand

IMG_3548 copy

IMG_3562 copy

IMG_3572 copy

IMG_3598 copy

As we were heading back to our car a man walked by with the biggest dog I’ve ever seen. I think he was saying it was some kind of mountain rescue breed but we couldn’t stop laughing because Lily kept saying “Look at that lion! Look at that lion!” I love what comes out of her little mouth!

In preparation for the sun and the beach trip I decided to give myself a little pedicure. I usually avoid this due to the fact that Lily can’t keep her hands off my toes before they’re dry but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Unfortunately Lillian became entranced with the nail polish and has been asking me to paint her nails ever since. This is something I swore I wouldn’t do for a long time. Sorry to any moms who do this, but I think it’s kind of disgusting to see infants with nail polish on. Why spoil that little natural miracle with beauty products. Why would you introduce your precious little girls to the idea that they need something “more” to look better. We spend so much time worrying about looks that I want to delay the thought as long as possible. Unfortunately Lil’s persistence won out and today I painted her toenails a soft pink to match mine. She was SO excited and brought me different nail polishes throughout the day in an effort to get me to paint more. Luckily she was satisfied with clear polish on her hands so I didn’t have to feel so bad about it. When she put my shoes on later in the day I couldn’t resist getting a picture

IMG_3611 copy

So I’ve created a little nail polish monster, but hopefully hiding all of the nail supplies will help her to forget. I’ll just have to do my own nails in secret and keep telling Lil how much I love her little toes. I know someday she’ll grow up and I’ll get to teach her all about makeup and hair styling and (if her eyebrows are anything like mine) waxing/tweezing but hopefully I’ll discover how to do that while still making her feel beautiful. Hopefully she can have a strong confidence in who she is and what a wonderful little body she has. fingers crossed…

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