Friday, April 13, 2012

Rain, rain, go away…

I know I shouldn’t complain, but it’s hard being stuck inside for so long because of the rain. Poor Lillian has been going crazy without going to the park or getting to run as free as she wishes. It hasn’t helped that Clark and I have been under the weather and haven’t had as much energy to help keep her entertained. She has been finding ways to keep busy, however and I can’t say I’ve been too thrilled with all of her ideas.

She decided that playing in the bag of pancake mix was a good idea



She added a lovely mural to her bedroom wall with the help of a friend



I built her a fort but all she wanted to do was climb on top of it and refused to get inside



We did have fun during the thunder storm last night, however. We sat with the blinds open and would wait for the lightning to flash and say “Did you see that?” and then we would wait for the thunder and say “That was a big one!” At first she kept saying “smile, smile” and I think Lily thought the lightning was giant camera flashes. I love getting to introduce Lily to things for the first time. This was definitely her first thunder storm and I’m so glad she wasn’t scared and that the thunder stopped by the time she went to bed! Otherwise she would have kept popping her little head off the pillow to tell me what she just heard :).

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