Saturday, September 1, 2012

photo shoot

Recently we attempted another photo shoot of our sweet little toddler. After a few failed attempts I have learned a few things that make it a much easier experience for everyone. First of all I needed to tale about it a lot before hand so Lily knew that we would be taking pictures at the park along with playing on the jungle gym. Second, having an assistant (Clark) with me helped immensely in corralling Lillian and helping keep her focused. Especially as I was trying to get down on Lil’s level at 7 months pregnant and eventually just ended up sitting on the ground, having someone to keep bringing Lily back to me was a lifesaver. Third, I need to have plenty of accessories for Lil to use or play with to keep her entertained. She is a nut for balloons so having one to play with (and back ups for when they popped on the grass) helped keep her mind off the nearby park for a few minutes. We also had just given her a rain boot and umbrella set that she is in love with and she was more than happy to pose with them and show off for the camera.  Here are some of the better shots from that trip to the park…


IMG_5397 copy IMG_5401 copyIMG_5432 copy IMG_5481 copyIMG_5543 copy IMG_5554 copyIMG_5445 copyIMG_5592 copy


  1. Great job!! She is too cute! Did you use photoshop? I have been wanting to get into picture taking since we have a pretty nice camera, but haven't had the energy lately. I had no idea you were pregnant, so happy for you!! We should get together soon.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I messed around with the colors a little bit in photoshop but at this stage it's all experimenting and trying to figure everything out. Lots of fun for me though!

      I guess I was actually pregnant when you guys were here for Lil's birthday :). I'm due around Thanksgiving and it's been pretty easy (compared to you!) for me so far. We're obviously super excited, as is Lily. We should get together! It's been way too long since I've had any chinese.... ;)