Thursday, September 27, 2012


So we recently lost our closest friends to Texas and the lure of affordable housing.  Not really a good enough reason for them to move, in my opinion, but anyway… These are not the first friends who have moved away, nor will they be the last, and I’m sure at some point we’ll be living somewhere else (Yes, I can actually admit that…). As sad as I am that they are gone I am so grateful for the 3 years they were in our lives.  I’m grateful that I had someone to share all the ups and downs of pregnancy and new motherhood with at the exact time as me. I’m grateful for the listening ear and shoulder to cry on. Grateful for all of the times I made it out of the apartment for a little adult conversation (even if it was about the kids). And grateful that I already know who Lily is going to marry some day Winking smile. We’ll sure miss our friends but we are happy that they are starting out on a new adventure.


Lily and Atlas meeting  for the first time when she was 4 days old


Fast forward 2 and 1/2 years…

IMG_5898 copy

We had a going away party at the park to wish our friends Luck on their new journey

IMG_5850 copy

A little “ring around the rosie…”

IMG_5864 copy

No one is smiling but I still love this pic!

IMG_5894 copy

yay for hugs!

IMG_5892 copy

the little ones having their own photo shoot

IMG_5907 copy

I love that Lily found someone’s bike and put the helmet on backwards and was trying to figure out how to get on. Love my crazy kid!

IMG_5843 copy


  1. Like I really needed a reason to cry again two weeks later....
    We had some good times hu. Thanks for the dr.seuss quote, i need to remember that every time I get depressed cause I can't just calls you guys up to meet us at a park :(, or go for a long walk with good talks at the dish, or ditch atlas with you guys for some lily time. Ahhh :'(. SOOOO thankful I had to there those three years....I'm sure we would not have stayed three years if you weren't there in the beginning!
    Love the pictures!!! Im hoping we find my power plug for the computer soon so I can get the pictures I took too! My heart totally skipped a beat seeing the picture of atlas and lily as babies then the toddler picture right after. WOW. They both turned out so cute hu hehe. let's imagine what their babies would look like..Lhasa....too weird right....

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    1. Sorry... haha, if you think this is bad you should have read my first version I wrote when I was really sad! This is the "lets try not to make Ariel cry" rewrite :) We miss you a lot! Though I'm not so sad about not hiking those first few hills on the dish anymore... :)We love you too!