Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Fun

So before I get into this post I wanted to say that I read an article recently called “Mom Stays in The Picture” (found here)  that made me think. It talks about how moms tend to take thousands of pictures of their kids but shy away from the camera because of our own perceived flaws. I know that someday my children will want to look back at their childhood pictures and see Clark and I being part of their lives and sharing special times with them, no matter how imperfect I think I look. That being said I am going to try to get in front of the camera with Lily more often and that is the ONLY reason that I gave in and put up a picture of myself at the end of my pregnancy. I’m not a fan of pregnancy pictures, especially my own. Sorry, they just kind of annoy me. I know what a pregnant woman looks like... Even so, I figured that this baby might want to see a pregnant picture of his/her mother at some point down the road (and that I should have at least one), so I let Clark snap a few. Anyway, check out the article if you can :). Now to the pumpkins!

We’ve been making the rounds at some of the pumpkin patches in the area lately and Lily is having tons of fun. As I slow down quite a bit at the end of my pregnancy the park becomes less and less appealing to me and places with lots of activities and fences to keep Lily from running too far sound wonderful! We spent the evening with friends at a pumpkin patch with bouncy houses and slides and Lily was in heaven. We must have been there for almost 2 hours and at closing Lily was crying and crying about having to get off. I think she is very aware that I am much slower than normal and she made a few escape attempts from me to get back on the slides. Sadly for her, I still prevailed.

IMG_6112 copy

IMG_6122 copy

IMG_6127 copy

IMG_6139 copy

Part of that trip included Lil picking out her own baby pumpkin and we had some fun the next day making it a little more beautiful!


A few days later the three of us drove out to Half Moon Bay to a more scenic pumpkin patch for a little getaway and some cooler weather (at 36 weeks pregnant I can't stand these 90 degree days!). Lil had a blast checking out some farm animals and running through a field of pumpkins though, as you can see below, she kept trying to kick all of them over.

As I continue my attempts to master my camera and develop my photography skills I am also getting better at not caring so much when Lily is just not into having her picture taken. Sometimes you have a grand plan and you just have to let it go. This day was one of those times but I was still able to get a few decent shots.

IMG_6219 copy

IMG_6222 copy

IMG_6248 copy

IMG_6229 copy

IMG_6266 copy


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