Thursday, November 15, 2012

(Lil’s) Best Day Ever!!!


So, as is probably the case with most parents, I have developed a weakness for doing things that make Lil’s heart jump for joy. I just can’t help myself. I see things I can get or things we can do that I know she’ll love and I have a hard time resisting. That’s not to say that I never say “no.” If Lily could articulate her feelings she’d probably tell you that I ‘m quite unfair in the toy section or candy aisle at the store and that I could manage to let her do what she wants to way more than I do…But anyway, back to the purpose of this post.

A month or so ago I saw that “Disney on Ice” was coming to town and I knew that Lil would just DIE if I took her. I bought the tickets and one day about a week before the show I made the mistake of pointing out the commercial to her after Sesame Street. ALL Lily could talk about that next week was how we were going to take the train to see Mickey Mouse. Every morning she would run into our room at about 6:00 am and the first thing she’d say to me was “I’m gonna go see Mickey Mouuuuuuuse!” As much as I didn’t need the early wake up calls I was happy that she was so excited.

The morning finally came and unfortunately for me I got some bad news via e-mail as we were walking out the door. Trying to not worry about it we headed over to the train station and Lily was just about shaking with excitement to be able to finally ride on the train! Mom here had a little trouble with the train schedule and we ended up missing our train and I had another little melt down of my own. Luckily, Lily’s sweet excitement for her best day ever helped me realize that it would be ok if we ended up being 20 minutes late to the show. She would never know the difference.

We ended up having a GREAT time and Lily was so happy to see all of her favorite Disney characters. I probably ended up watching Lil more than the actual show because her little face was just so stinking cute and filled with amazement. I even broke down and we got a ridiculously expensive snow cone in a Cinderella cup to complete the experience.

Here are a few (phone) pics from our day for your viewing pleasure :)








Later that evening we went to our Halloween party. I knew that, barring impeccable timing in the future, this would probably be the only time I would be extremely pregnant at Halloween so I should take advantage of it. I came up with a fabulous family costume which I was so excited to wear and Clark could not resist either. We had a fun time at the party and Lil got lots of candy for mom and dad to “help” her eat.

Once again, in the spirit of being “in” the pictures of LIl’s childhood, please excuse my puffy pregnant self as I ignore my self conscious instincts and show a picture from the party… :)

IMG_6321 copy

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