Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not as easy as it looks….

So I have been seriously spoiled the past few years.  My good friend Ariel was sweet enough to take some of the most precious pictures of our family, including Lily’s newborn pictures. I have always known how talented she is but today I was seriously missing her while I attempted my own newborn photo shoot of little Miles. I managed to squeak out a few pictures that I am happy with but I definitely have a long way to go to get my photography skills where I want them. But I guess practice makes perfect…

IMG_6552 copy

IMG_6603 copy

IMG_6606 copy

IMG_6614 copy

IMG_6615 copy

IMG_6624 copy

IMG_6633 copy

IMG_6610 copy


  1. Aww :). Haha...."squeak out a few", they're great! I really love the close ups of his tiny little body parts :). But my favorite is the one he's puckering his lips....he's got some lips right?! So cute. And I see so much Lily in him!! At least now you and I have both had experiences where we really appreciated the other ;)

  2. I love the blanket cuddle picture! These are great!