Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dance Class

Today was Lil’s first day of her Tap/Ballet combo class and the parents were able to sit in and watch so, of course, I took pictures. The lighting was horrible so forgive the fuzziness. Lil did great and loved every minute of it. She has to work on staying on her spot like her teacher asks but I’m sure after a few more classes she’ll get the hang of it. I could tell she was really concentrating and trying hard because her little tongue was hanging out of her mouth for half of the class, a habit she gets from her dad :). I think what she loved most of all was jumping around and making noise in her tap shoes. I love watching my little girl try new things and work hard.

IMG_1440 copy

IMG_1439 copy

IMG_1451 copy

IMG_1460 copy

IMG_1479 copy

IMG_1487 copy


  1. Ahhh these are sooooooo cute!!!! This last one, with her looking strait at the camera! And the one with her tongue sticking out, haha! But really, she actually does look like she knows what she's doing, look at that form girl!