Friday, March 7, 2014

Cal Academy of Sciences

Today I took the kids up to the California Academy of Sciences for the first time. We had a free pass and I love any excuse to get up to San Francisco, especially on a sunny day! I admit it was a little smaller than I expected but we had a blast anyway. I have learned that it is better to let Lily lead the way and go at her pace instead of trying to see everything or stay on a certain schedule. Lily loved the aquarium and her favorite thing was the three-story indoor rainforest. It is this huge geo-dome that is very warm and humid inside with a ramp spiraling around the outside instead of stairs and all Lil wanted to was run up and down it. Of course. When we were nearly finished seeing everything in the museum Lily told me in no uncertain terms she was ready to go home. We went outside and I let them run around near some fountains and benches for a while, which I think they loved even more than the museum itself. Miles enjoyed chasing birds and they both liked climbing on the benches.Silly kids…

IMG_1694 copy   IMG_1706 copy

IMG_1713 copy

IMG_1723 copy

IMG_1725 copy

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