Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Afternoon in Pictures

So it was 80 degrees today and I had this great idea to hook up the hose to our slide thinking the kids would love it. Lily did…for about 3 minutes. Miles did until he realized he was getting wet. And after a little while we headed back inside and I went up to get Evelyn from her nap and we discovered that our master bathroom was much more interesting than a water slide in our back yard.

A friend challenged people to tell a story in pictures a long while ago, so here’s my go at it…

IMG_3818 copy

IMG_3833 copy

IMG_3836 copy

IMG_3839 copy

IMG_3841 copy

IMG_3843 copy

IMG_3850 copy

IMG_3852 copy

IMG_3891 copy

IMG_3903 copy

IMG_3914 copy copy

IMG_3919 copy copy

IMG_3928 copy copy

IMG_3932 copy copy

IMG_3882 copy

IMG_3879 copy

IMG_3880 copy

IMG_3939 copy copy

IMG_3941 copy copy

IMG_3942 copy copy

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