Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes that’s just the way it is…

Ever read the book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”? Well that’s what yesterday felt like for me. Things went from bad to worse and then continued downhill from there. After a good night’s sleep, however, things returned to their normal pleasantness and I was able to get a better perspective on what I was struggling with. Days like this remind me how much I am grateful for my Savior. I am grateful that He knows everything I’m feeling and is always there to comfort me. I am grateful that I am never alone and that He can make my burdens light. I am grateful for answers to prayer and for strength and guidance found in the scriptures.

I am grateful for my sister who I can cry to and who can always help me to feel better. Who knows everything that has ever happened to me and therefore understands why things that happened years ago are relevant to my bad mood without needing an explanation. I ‘m grateful that she is only a phone call away (though I wish she was a lot closer than that…)

I am grateful for my husband who might not always understand why I am upset but always comforts me and does what he can to make me feel better. And I am grateful for my daughter whose sweet smile and funny dancing can always make me laugh.

It turns out one of the things that contributed to my bad day actually yielded a few gems. I was stupid enough to try to do a little photo shoot of Lillian at the park by myself and before nap time (and at a park with water and ducks…). When I finally got around to looking through the few pictures I had taken I was able to salvage a few and try to figure out a few more editing techniques. Next time I’ll definitely have someone to help me and will pay more attention to the million things that will distract or upset my little angel.

Here are the results of my mostly disastrous 2-year-old photo shoot :)

IMG_2749 copy_edited-1


IMG_2758 copy2


IMG_2773 copy_edited-1

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