Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter break goes by so quickly…

So we are settling back into the school routine after a nice winter break. Clark is at school a lot and when he’s home I get to look at the back of his head as he works on homework. I am going to have to find things to occupy myself with in the evenings when I’m waiting for him to finish. Last semester I had Lily’s blanket to work on but I have no projects right now, and I stupidly devoured all seven Harry Potter books this past month instead of waiting until now to do so. Oh well, I’m sure Lillian will keep me busy enough!

In the past week and a half we have managed to get Lily mostly potty trained, which we are all very happy about. She has no problems when we’re at home, but she still gets a little too distracted when she’s out playing with friends to stop and make it to the bathroom. So for now we’ll keep a stash of diapers just incase :). During this process she has shown her stubbornness and is definitely showing signs that she’s approaching 2 years old, but she knows her boundaries and is mostly a very happy little girl. 

As you can see below, she’s becoming a much better model for pictures (when she holds still) and is giving me many opportunities to learn and try new things with my camera and photo editing tools. All I had to do was to mention the movie “Tangled” and her little face just lit up :)



    IMG_2631 copy                        IMG_2635 copy

 IMG_2639 copy

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