Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hang Time

While Dean was living with us we acquired a day bed from some friends. Even though Dean’s gone now we’ve decided to keep the bed to use for Lily whenever we decide to move her out of her crib. Until that change happens, though, the bed is being used as a launch pad for Lily’s tiny little feet. Not only is she going through a stage of wanting to remove all blankets and pillows from each bed in our apartment, but she takes the chance to jump on the beds any time she can.  We’ve been so fortunate as to only have had a few falls off the side of the bed, but even that doesn’t deter her for too long. I think my favorite part of the jumping is that she usually sings while she jumps and I can feel her joy. Here are a few pictures from a recent bounce session with Atlas. Lily was definitely the one getting more air…

IMG_2983 copy



IMG_2990 copy


IMG_2997 copyIMG_3040 copy


We’ve also been trying to branch out on our movies. As anyone could have guessed by now, Lily is obsessed with Tangled. As much as I love watching that every day, I’ve been trying others out to break things up a bit. Lily has been pretty receptive to the new movies and has her own little names for each of them. She usually goes through the whole list multiple times a day trying to get me to say yes to one, and sometimes she is successful, but no matter what we watch or don’t watch, she’ll never forget to ask for Tangled. She’s coming along great with her words, but here’s the list of movie titles only I could interpret: 

Beauty and the Beast = B B Beast

LIttle Mermaid = Yittel Menain

she calls Monsters Inc. “Mike Wazowski” = My Owkowski

Hercules = Her Kittys

Kung Fu Panda = Pana Bear

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