Saturday, March 2, 2013

Color Run

So I have ALWAYS hated running. Always. It has never been appealing to me and was always the worst part of P.E. or participating in any team sport. One play date a few months ago all of us moms were talking and somehow the subject of races came up and everyone else started talking about 5k’s, half marathons, and even marathons they had done and I had nothing to contribute to the conversation.  A few weeks later when a friend suggested we do this color run together I signed up before I could talk myself out of it. I figured if I was signed up and it was paid for I couldn’t back out. Not to mention the fact that other people would notice if I just didn’t show up on race day…Anyway, about a month and a half after Miles was born I started training and was reminded many times over of the fact that this is not something I really enjoy. I pressed on though, usually thinking mid-run “Thank goodness I’ve already signed up or I’d just go home right now.”

Today was the race and it was actually a lot of fun. It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco in the high 60’s with the perfect amount of cloud cover so it didn’t feel too hot. The running was still hard for me but not as bad as it was back in January. I was glad that this was a “fun run” that wasn’t officially timed and the fact that we kept getting bombed with color made it a little more enjoyable. It was good to race with friends and have our husbands and kids waiting for us at the finish line. Our official time was 36:35 which was a personal best for 2 of us, so we were pretty happy. It probably would have been faster but there were major traffic jams every time we went through a color station and people were trying to get as much powder on themselves as possible.

When we finished Lil was getting pretty tired and grumpy and really wanted to be a “rainbow” too so I took her through the final area with me and let her get some color as well and she loved it! Clark, however, was a little more uncomfortable with the whole idea. He hates getting too messy and just about had a heart attack when I tried to give him a kiss and hug at the end. I think we’re going to look for more 5k’s to do so we have to keep running and hopefully it will be a little easier for me. And hey, at least it’s only 3 miles!

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