Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun With The Family


This week is spring break- wahoo! Clark’s dad and two youngest brothers happened to be on break as well so they came down from Idaho for a visit. We’ve been having lots of fun around here. Lily absolutely loves any time there is extra family around! She wants to make sure she doesn’t miss out on any time with her “friends” and is especially attached to uncle Jared. I am enjoying extra help with the little ones and Clark is in heaven watching March Madness with his dad and brothers. Today we decided to take a trip over to Malibu Castle for a little extra excitement.


Lily was in sensory overload in the arcade but had a blast “playing” every game in there. She even hit the jackpot on one and won 175 tickets but lost interest before the machine was done spitting them all out :). If there ever was a place where I would never be able to get her attention, it is this arcade!

IMG_7943 copy

The boys and Grandma took a little spin in the Go Karts.

IMG_7959 copy IMG_7961 copy IMG_7962 copy

IMG_7964 copy IMG_7966 copy

Miles was cute, as usual.

IMG_7985 copy

 IMG_7989 copy

Lily was introduced to mini golf and had a blast! She was fine letting daddy help for a while but then insisted she do everything herself. She was surprisingly good…that is when she wasn’t obliviously walking through everyone's golf balls and knocking them all over the place :).

IMG_7996 copy

IMG_8009 copy

IMG_8032 copy

The boys finished off the trip with batting cages and then going crazy in the arcade. It’s always a good time with the family!

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