Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beauty Lessons

  As much as I try not to make hair and make up a big deal, Lil is becoming more and more interested. Having been an insecure teenage girl (still working on the insecure part) I want to do whatever I can to help Lil feel comfortable in her own skin. I try not to make too many comments about my appearance nor to tell her she’s cute because of the things she’s wearing. I even managed to get through a whole season of Biggest Loser without using the word ‘fat’ but instead talked a lot about how we need to be active and eat good things to be healthy and strong.

Though she’s usually happy with a little chap stick and a once over with a blush brush containing no makeup whatsoever, sometimes she just needs to do more! This morning as we were about to head over to the park I put her hair up but she really wanted to do it herself. I told her I would teach her when we had more time but she was tenacious and had to do it right then! She grabbed the brush and told me to sit on the floor while she sat on the side of the tub. We first learned how to brush softly and then had some practice with bobby pins. Putting in a pony tail was a little bit trickier but she was happy just watching me do it over and over.

In the picture below I have about 27 hidden bobby pins in my hair. I had 3 little rubber bands too but since Lil was manning the camera they didn’t make it into the shot…

IMG_8206 copy


A few weeks ago I found her playing with my eye shadow but decided to let her have a little practice on me instead of getting upset with her. I kept the picture small so you wouldn’t be horrified Winking smile.

IMG_7730 copy


As I’m sitting here writing this Lily woke up from her nap and her little fingers are hovering over the keyboard. She really wants a chance to type so I’ll allow a guest author for this post. From the skilled fingers of Lillian…..

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