Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zoo time


While Clark has been finishing up the semester the kids and I have been trying to find ways to occupy ourselves without being too much of a distraction for him. One gorgeous Saturday we packed up and went to the San Francisco zoo. We lucked out with beautiful warm weather (not always the case by the coast) and we had a great time. Miles loved being outside and being pushed around all day and Lily really enjoys seeing all of the animals. I have really learned that in cases like these it is best to let Lily lead the way and to go at her speed. We met up with some friends and I tried to keep pace with them but in the process both Lil and I became frustrated. Once we parted and I stopped trying to drag Lil around before she was ready we again had a much better time. The two places she chose to spend the most time were at the gorilla enclosure and the giant replica of a meerkat  home. There were only two holes but she spent about 20 minutes running around in circles and roaring like a lion (possibly scaring a few kids in the process). I love that we have so many awesome things to do so close by and I love getting to spend time with the kiddos.

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