Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keeping Busy


So one morning as I was going to throw out our Coscto sized egg cartons I decided we needed to make a craft. Lily and Clark had been using pool noodles to fight with each other and I thought we could make some sort of Ninja Turtle type getup for Lil. She spent all morning painting it and after it was dry she tested it out. We waited for daddy to come home and she lead a surprise attack on him with her new body armor and after two minutes she decided she was done and hasn’t put the thing on since. I thought it was a brilliant idea…



As Miles keeps growing we are rotating in all of Lil’s old toys for him to use. She had forgotten all about this jumpy toy and she spent days playing with the features and trying to sneak back in it. Once we convinced her it was Miles’ turn to use it now she started to enjoy helping Miles discover it and likes to entertain him while he sits in it.


We had the privilege of “fish sitting” for some friends and Lily was so excited! While “Sergio’s” owners were here dropping him off Lily asked for a drink a milk, which I gave to her, and a little too late I noticed that she was giving some to the fish. Amazingly enough, the fish survived the 8 days with us and we didn’t have to buy a replacement fish for our friends. They came and got him while Lily was asleep and in the morning Lily started to cry because  she thought he had died. I think we’ll pass on getting any pets any time soon…


Miles keeps growing and amazing us every day. He recently has been working on crawling and is almost there. He is very proud of himself! And, yes, I do realize that in this picture he kind of looks like an amputee.

IMG_8639 copy   IMG_8657 copy

This picture is just for fun because I love it :)

IMG_8407 copy

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