Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July

We had a great fourth of July this year (as usual)! After days of anticipation on Lil’s part, we finally got to celebrate our freedom with a fun filled day of the usual festivities. We started off with the parade that, luckily, starts right in front of our building. Lil loved watching everyone go by and even got a little American flag from someone in the parade. Ever since, she has been waving it around and proudly proclaiming “America!”. Miles managed to sleep through the whole thing, even the guys revving their engines on their insanely loud motorcycles (which drives me crazy!!). We weren’t in a very scenic spot for pictures but here are a few shots of Lil enjoying everything.

IMG_9152 copy

IMG_9174 copy

IMG_9175 copy

IMG_9193 copy

After the parade we headed over to a barbeque with some friends. We had a great afternoon with people we enjoy and Lil had a blast with her little pals in the pool.

IMG_9238 copy

IMG_9249 copy

IMG_9267 copy

After the barbeque we took a little break at home for naps and to get everything ready for fireworks. We headed over to Foster City to enjoy the show. If there’s one lesson we’ve learned many times over it is that the Costco parking lot is great for getting 10,000 cars parked for the fireworks but trying to squeeze all of those cars out of two exits afterward is a nightmare! we literally sat in one spot in our car for 30 minutes, but I digress… We set up our blanket about an hour before the show started and Lil was a little ball of energy waiting for everything to begin. Miles couldn’t have been less interested in the fireworks but that was fine with me.

IMG_9272 copy

IMG_9281 copy

IMG_9294 copy

IMG_9336 copy

IMG_9351 copy

I LOVE the fourth of July fireworks and I really can’t help but get a little teary watching them. I am so grateful for the freedom we enjoy and the countless people who have made that possible. Their sacrifice is truly amazing to me. I am so grateful to raise my children in a safe place and for the fact that they will probably never have to experience the devastation or horrible conditions experienced in certain other parts of the world. We are truly blessed! Happy 4th!!

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