Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tub Time

The kids have been spending a lot of time in the tub lately due to the heat we were experiencing and the fact that Miles just can’t get enough of the water. Every time I turn on the water he pulls himself up next to the tub and starts bouncing up and down until I put him in. Lily, of course, has to be a part of anything I do with Miles, so she usually hops in with him. I can’t resist snapping a bunch of pictures of those little wet kiddos!

IMG_8912 copy IMG_8921 copy

IMG_9002 copy IMG_9097_edited-1

IMG_9098 copy IMG_9125 copy

Below was our experiment with Jello ice cubes. Definitely a hit with Miles and something fun when our apartment gets too hot!

IMG_8998 IMG_9070

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. Blow up huge on canvas the close up of Miles chubby strait on face. perfect.(p.s. so mad and depressed that Mike gets to hang out with you guys...not right!)