Tuesday, August 6, 2013

County Fair

This week we took a little trip down to the Santa Clara County Fair with the kids. I had a Groupon and it seemed like something Lily would love. We had shaved ice, saw lots of animals, watched about 3 minutes of a sea lion demonstration (before Lily lost interest), let Lily do a little “fake” farming in the name of education, and rode a few rides. This wasn’t the best fair I’ve ever been to but Lil sure had a blast and it was nice to get out and get Clark away from his homework for a few hours.

IMG_9512 copyIMG_9535 copy

IMG_9557 copy

IMG_9573 copyIMG_9606 copy

IMG_9586 copy

We made the mistake of getting Lily an unlimited ride arm band before realizing that she was only big enough to ride a handful of things. Of course, the only thing she REALLY wanted to go on was the giant “ring of death” ride (seen below). Now every time we mention “when you’re bigger” she likes to add “Then I can go on the circle ride!!” She’s such a little daredevil… Winking smile

IMG_9621 copy

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  1. She is so brave! I can't believe she went on the ferris wheel by herself! Those still scare me!