Friday, August 16, 2013

More Adventures…

On Thursday morning I happened to find a great park about 30 minutes away from us and we decided to call up “uncle Dean” and go on another “adventure”. Huddart Park has lots of short trails, picnic areas, camping spots, and a playground or two so we figured it would be a great place to take the kids. After a short drive we picked a spot to park and started hiking. Lil, of course, vacillated between complaining about how hard it was and running ahead shouting “come run with me Mommy!”. She wanted to pick up almost every stick we came across to take home with us, who knows what for. Miles continues to be one of the most chill kids I know and enjoyed riding along on the pack. He even managed to pass out for a while and sneak in a nap. It’s always fun to have Dean around and Lil just can’t get enough of him. We spent about an hour and a half hiking with a little picnic stuck in there somewhere. This is definitely somewhere we’ll visit again and would even be a great place to try out camping with the kids since it’s so close. Someday soon when we’re done with school and managing apartments I hope we can do lots more things like this. I have so many fond memories of camping and exploring California with my family while growing up and I hope we can do that with our kids as well. Gotta love the great outdoors!

clark and trish 023 copy

clark and trish 005 copy

clark and trish 041 copy

clark and trish 043 copy

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1 comment:

  1. 1. Trish you look amazing.
    2. Lily's braids are amazing.
    3. Lily is the only girl I know that seems to love sticks as much as Atlas <3
    4. Love that picture with both kids on Clark :-)
    5. Oh and that picture of just Miles, with his finger in his mouth, precious!