Friday, August 16, 2013


As we round the corner into Clark’s last year of school we have spent the shortest ever summer break exploring some of the fun places in our area. We took a drive across the Golden Gate bridge (Lil called it the Shiny Gate) and did some hiking in the Marin Headlands area. We lucked out with the weather and spent a beautiful sunny afternoon on the beach. Lil just loves any chance she can get in the water and had a blast. I quickly regretted not bringing an extra change of clothes for her as she just couldn’t resist getting wet. The hike was super short, but just long enough for Lil to get tuckered out when heading back up the hill. Lil can’t stop asking when we’ll go on another “adventure” so this is definitely something to do again!

IMG_9665 copy

IMG_9766 copy

IMG_9686 copy

IMG_9711 copy

Miles loves when we growl/shout with him :)

IMG_9792 copy

We left just as the fog was rolling in

IMG_9901 copy

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