Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Blessed Day…


On December 23 Miles was blessed at church. We were ale to have almost my entire family (minus my brother and his wife and another aunt and uncle) there to witness it. I feel so lucky that even though most of them do not believe the same things that I do they are willing to support us and be there for the special days in our children’s lives. After church we all had lunch and were able to enjoy each others company in an increasingly rare chance to all be together.

From left to right: My Aunt and Uncle, my sister and her husband and son, us, my dad and step mom, and my mom.



After lunch we drove out to my dad’s house so we could spend Christmas Eve with them. The next day we hung out with my dad and sister, who was visiting from Nebraska. Lily finally got to hang out with her favorite cousin Colin, who we talk to via Skype at least 2 times a week. I think Lil would go home with her auntie Jen if we would let her…


IMG_6877 copy

IMG_6891 copy

IMG_6911 copy

We had a wonderful Christmas eve with my family. I am grateful that my dad only lives an hour and a half away by car and that we can see some family with relative ease. I am also SO grateful to spend time with my sister. She lives entirely too far away! I am grateful for our relationship and that becoming mothers has made us even closer. As much I wish we both had less stress, I am so grateful that we are both dealing with husbands in school and having young families at the same time because we can provide each other with the support and understanding that we need.

We tried to get a shot of our families and the 3 (soon to be 4) grandkids for our parents but it wasn’t so successful. Almost every shot we took looks like this…


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