Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas time is here…

This past weekend we had some fun and got into the Christmas spirit. Lily spent all day with grandma downtown at the Hometown Holidays event (I should have sent the camera with them…). There was music, a parade, crafts, food, an artificial snow area, and all kinds of other fun things. Lil came home with a teddy bear and some crafts and passed out on the couch. Apparently she had a blast and loved spending time with grandma. Later that night we went back downtown for the lighting of the city Christmas tree and a fireworks show that I think could almost pass for a 4th of July show. They ended up being a little too loud for Lily but she was a trooper and stuck it out.

IMG_6657 copy

IMG_6670 copy



While Lil was out with Grandma, Clark and I picked up a Christmas tree and we spent our Monday night decorating. Lily was SO excited to get to help! She loved playing in the lights and putting on ornaments.


IMG_6693 copy

She even made her own little “nest” of ornaments in the tree :)

IMG_6695 copy

We decided not to put the glass ball ornaments on the tree due to Lil’s fascination with them, and luckily have enough other random ornaments to fill the tree. It may not be the fanciest of trees, but Lily loves to look at it each day and rearrange it so it is just right. Even without putting the glass balls on the tree she still has managed to break 2 so far this year…I think she must have hidden them somewhere during the decorating process ;)

IMG_6701 copy

I think one of my favorite moments so far this Christmas season was when I put a Santa hat on Miles and Lily said “Look, mommy! Now he’s a Christmas tree!!!” I love the things that come out of her mouth (most of the time…)

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